Writing sucks…

Oh I know, no writer has ever muttered those words. But here I am, avoiding my real writing projects. But then again, this is a real writing project. Ok, I don’t feel so bad.

It’s a scary thing to abandon everything you’ve known for the past fifteen years, and start after something you always known, but have never considered valid. I love writing and I have always have, although it wasn’t until recently that I started writing stories that people could actually follow.

Crap, my Netflix is hanging on an episode of Medium. Balls.

Oh well, that brings me to another subject: distraction. I love using a computer and I love the internet, and therein lies the heart of all of my problems concerning distraction. I’ve thought about just ditching the tv, and bluray, and the Netflix, but could I really be happy and fulfilled by reading all of the time? I know that my writing would improve if I did, but you can’t just do one thing all of the time and expect to be a complete person. Maybe neurotic. Maybe I am neurotic, come to think of it.

Oh well.

I’ve been thinking of a modest page goal and while I think ten would put me on track for a three-month novel completion, I don’t want to rush it. I think I would limit it to five. Yeah, five sounds good.

Atlas Shrugged…

Many of my liberal-minded friends would probably facemelt while watching this movie, but as I have read the book, I really enjoyed it. They did take some liberties with it, but Ayn allowed for it by never stating what year the story took place. Actually, the only hint that dates the book is the part where she mentions New York City having a population of seven million. Probably a little more now.

Fear not, I said no politics, I meant it. As a movie, it had some severely lacking qualities, but overall-for an independent film-I thought it was awesome. I liked the blue-green metal rails too, straight from the mind of Rand.

Ok, well I have said enough. I need to write something. I am working on a rewrite of a story that a few friends have read, so that will be the next piece I post. I also have some poetry I submitted to http://www.zoetrope.com many years back. Maybe I will bring some over here.

Have a great day!

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