I grew up on a farm surrounded by woods
Every day I would venture in, plastic rifle in hand
With Lady close behind
She was a golden collie who showed me what loyalty was
Every day as we explored those woods
Lady never left my side
The sun broke through the light forest
With plenty left over to shower the leaves on the ground
Those autumn colors still fresh in my mind
And the golden collie always by my side
She would follow me everywhere
My mission becoming her own, we crept over the leaves
And they crumpled beneath us as we moved in for the kill
A large elephant like those inAfrica, perhaps, would come into view
I’d aim my rifle, steady my hand, and pull the trigger


The behemoth fell to the ground


Lady looked over at me, a smiling tongue wagging in the sunlight
Once the beast was down, we would wait
Wait for the scavengers to come and steal our bounty
A wolf, a bear, a mountain lion(even thoughIndianahad none)
All would eventually come to feed
And we would then take our aim against them
Lady did not care for elephant meat, and neither did I
Nor the ivory
But we took pleasure in ridding our woods of scavengers
Scavengers that threatened our peaceful walks
And they came
But with deadly accuracy, I picked them off
One by one
Safe another day
I looked at Lady and smiled—she smiled back
And my grandmother’s voice echoed from behind us
As the sun began to set over those woods
We retreated to the farm
Where Lady rested her chin upon the porch that my grandfather built
and we rested our heads and watched the sun go down

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