Reviews in for Rosalind

Reviews in for Rosalind

“This is the most amazing book I have ever read it’s so heart breaking that you can’t help but cry I remember being 13 and all I thought about was silly things like dolls and dresses but what this little girl went through it makes my heart hurt I felt as though it was happening to me I’ve never read something this incredible and I’ll never forget it.” – Julissa Perez

“The author developed a story you could not put down. The ending was unexpected but was a fulfilled one. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.” – Sharon W.

“Thoughtfully written, dealing with difficult and disturbing subject matter, well-drawn characters (particularly Rosalind), and a character you really want to root for as she searches for a safe landing, want to believe will triumph in the end, but in a story too heartbreakingly real to get that happy ending you’re wishing to find. Technically, the book could use better editing, and the ending felt too rushed and improbable, but all in all, a good though depressing story.” – Nightseer

“This book was totally amazing and riveting. I couldn’t out it down. It is a must read for anyone. A+++” – Karen Mead

“Very gripping novel about a young girl who suffered through years of abuse. I could not put this book down. It spoke to me in many ways.” – Angel Smith

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