Off the grid…

Nope, not yet. I know I’ve spoken about this subject, this romantic notion, but throwing everything you know out the window (literally!) and living a self-sustained life is something that should be approached with care and careful research.

I made friends with a guy named Chris Penn on Youtube. He is taking a year of his life and driving slowly to Alaska. Here is a link to his Arizona to Alaska web series:

His videos are fun, educational, and a sober reminder that, hey, shit happens on road just the same as it happens in the comfort of your warm, cozy house.

Living off of the grid is still something I am interested in. Or at least, living as much off the grid as I can. With rising utility costs and the madness of monthly payments (for anything!), I am almost there. 

I recently purchased an old, 1983 Suburban. It gets about 300 yards to the gallon, but has a big rear bay that a small, comfortable living space can exist.

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