Friday deadline…

The first draft of the screenplay for Rosalind will be complete by Friday.

I can’t describe what a treat and a horror it is to talk with Rosalind again, get inside of her head, and experience her life. It is sometimes hard to stomach.

I only hope that my editor, Jon Hueber, understands what I am trying to accomplish with this format. Some of the parts are being rewritten and additions being made, but only for cinematic effect. The core of who Rosalind is and the story that is told is still the same. The characters are still the same. The heartbreak is still the same.

If there are any writers out there who are looking for a professional editor (alas, Jon was not the editor for Rosalind, but is for the screenplay), I highly recommend his services. Nothing escapes him.

Once the screenplay is submitted and approved, the film rights will belong to someone else, so I will not be able to provide any samples without permission, even though I am the writer. But, once this is done, you will be able to see that Rosalind is in pre-production on IMDB. That is huge.

Farewell for now and thank you for reading.

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