Future projects, contests…

Some pretty big plans in the works for an Unabridged version of Rosalind, an art contest, and Maggie. I know, I seem to be going back and forth with my writing. It’s part of the neurosis.

I would like to expand on the art contest. In the novel, Rosalind, there is a catalog page that became a character on its own and helped me focus on Rosalind’s main goal of happiness. It was a exercise in simplicity on her part, and I don’t think you can love Rosalind without loving that darned catalog page.

Nothing formal yet, but I was thinking that I would create a contest to see who can create the most realistic catalog page from the book, and to have that page inserted into the Unabridged version of Rosalind.

So, here’s to the woman in yellow dress!


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