Rosalind Unabridged (coming soon)….

Rosalind is now in the hands of the editor, ready to be shredded to bits, pieced back together, what have you. There are some things I left out that I want to add to become more in line with her daughter’s story.

Maggie is an interesting character, a bit more complex and three-dimensional than her mother. Her story is evolving slowly, mainly because she didn’t smack me upside the head one night and force me to write eighty pages in one sitting. She requires more thought, and I have to admit, my experiences publishing Rosalind have made me a more cautious writer. Maggie, I can assure you, will be released only when it is work-shopped and ONLY when my editor, Jon Hueber, gives his approval.

That is all for now. Until then, I will dive into Maggie’s world, continue to write code, and try like hell to finish this degree.

Cheers, and thank you all for reading Rosalind.

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