New contact page…

As the editing for the unabridged version of Rosalind continues, I have posted a contact page to start a mailing list. Yes, I know, these kinds of things are evil and a part of the reason exorcisms were invented, but I promise not to abuse it. At most, it will be one email a month. 

Another reason I am formulating the list is because, as mentioned in a previous post, I am going to hold a sort of art contest. As you may remember, Rosalind held on tightly to a page from a J.C. Penney catalog and often looked to it for inspiration, or a temporary way out of a current situation. I want my readers to show me what that page looked like. Whether your artistic talent is like mine (nonexistent) or you are the next Monet, I want to see it. When the time comes, I will post the excerpt from the book (or you can get a head-start on it if you still have it on your Kindle) and let it go from there. But why am I asking you guys to draw? The winner will get to see their page in the unabridged version of Rosalind, due to come out this year.

So, go ahead and click on the ‘Contact’ link on the menu and sign up! If you haven’t purchased the original book, you can find it at:

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