The Valley

In the valley I walk
Green it is with life and barren
At the same time
It is a multitude of dreams
Of wishes still to come true
Of nightmares waiting to haunt us

It sings to me
And the trees do talk
Telling me of the many years
They have lived
The many things they have seen
The many horrors yet to come

It is a well of knowledge
Bearing its fruit with the passing of time
Seeming yet to fall from the tree
They wait
Wait for the right moment
Waiting for us to pick them

This valley is alive
It is the hope of a new day
It is the seed of a new tomorrow
It is the love that speaks its name
It is the hate that consumes us
It is the pit in which we fall

I embrace the valley
Its trees, its grass, its sky
I lie down and look up to see
The myriad images in the clouds
The life, the beauty, the wonder
The calling of my heart

The valley is barren
It loses its luster
And its grass begins to die
It waits for the coming cold
For the winter of time to
Claim its life

There is no reason
No explanation for it all
The valley was green and now it dies
It wilts like a blade of grass
In the heat of autumn
But it will remain in my heart and mind forever

I do hope that this
Valley consumes me
Its green and shining grass
Its blue skies with white clouds
It does not scare me, the horror of it
The unknown reasons

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