Is this my Life?

I’ve recently realized that this is not the life I want. I don’t mean to say that life is bad or even horrible, but it isn’t what I thought my life would be at this point in my life. The beautiful thing about this realization is simple: I now know what I don’t want.


Great, even.

But that leaves a lingering question which is the epiphany that struck me in the head like a hammer this morning while I glazed over PHP code on my computer screen.

The epiphany is as follows:

I have never lived the life I wanted to live because I have never defined what the life I wanted would include. So, how do I define my ideal life?

Notice that I said ‘my’ ideal life. I don’t believe there is a idyllic existence out there that offers so much sunshine and blissful inspiration that it starts seeping out of every orifice on your body. But I do believe that each of us, given enough compromise and dedication to realistic pursuit, can find those Elysium Fields, or at least create our own.

That is my hope over the next few months. I am very close to my B.S. in Information Technology. Once this is finished, I will faced three options:

  • MBA in Information Technology
  • MFA in Creative Writing (*nods head furiously*)
  • No Masters, just work, be a zombie, and pay back student loans.

The goal of this section is to document my thoughts and concerns as I map out this new part of my life.

It may sound silly, but if I don’t do this, I could spend years writing CSS and turning my liver into a sponge.

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