by Stephen Paden

We find you guilty
Of loving so carelessly
you prattle on windily,
needlessly, endlessly

save your complaints
for those with restraint
we’re the judge and the jury
the highborn saints

Your crime is complete
so get to your feet
prepare for our judgment
and sow what you reap

It is our decision
there is no division
in this justified verdict
there’ll be no revision

For loving so foolishly
mourning so ghoulishly
you’ll pay with your heart
that you’ve squandered so cluelessly

Your sentence is long
to make right all the wrongs
if you find you can hope
we will silence that song

An eternity wandering
for all of your squandering
no place on this earth
will you ever be haunting

Our verdict is written
your soul has been bitten
by love and by justice
no throne will you sit in

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