Maggie – The Sequel to Rosalind

I’ve posted this promise before (in different forms), but now believe that the time is right to make this final claim.

I have decided to discard nearly 700 pages of three previous versions of Rosalind’s sequel, Maggie, in lieu of starting fresh with a different perspective. I quit my masters to focus on this.

Her voice is now fresh in my head, so I will be setting a tentative deadline of July 4th for the first draft.

I have an outline in my head of how things are going to go this time, and have alleviated some of the challenges I was having with character and plot, thanks to a very special friend who listened to be babble on and on about it.

In order to capture the pace and magical experience I had writing Rosalind, I have to devote that kind of time to Maggie. I was unemployed the first time around, and that is different now. For the first time, I will have to put myself on a schedule and promise to keep to it without exception, while still letting the flow carry over from day to day. I will have to set daily word-count goals. These are rigid things I didn’t have to consider when writing my first novel.

I really don’t have a choice in this. I have been missing something in my life since 2013 that could not be filled with a person or a video game or school or even work. I have to write this novel, but more than that, I have to write.

I am only happy when I’m writing, even though a blank page is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

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