My muse is back…

Scary. Don’t do that again, muse. 🙂

The interesting thing about Maggie is that she came before Rosalind. I know, you’re asking “How did the daughter come before the mother?”

Maggie was a character in a novel called Hollow Hill (still in the works with different characters) which dealt with the same farm house she grew up in, only there was a mystery that existed in the cellar below the house. I won’t bore anyone with the details yet, but something always bugged me about the novel: Maggie and Susan never really got along.

I started to question why that was.

It dawned on me one evening after 285 pages of this novel that Susan was not Maggie’s real mother, which left an even bigger question: “Who was?”

I was struck down by a muse: “It’s a thirteen-year-old redhead from the back woods of Kentucky named Rosalind.”

Not very fancy, but that is the origin of Rosalind.

I closed that document and started Rosalind and, in one sitting, had written 80 pages. Those who have read it will probably notice how the pacing for the first half of the book was crazy, and the second half a bit more subdued, mapped out.

It turns out that one of the versions of Maggie that I was about to discard is, thankfully, inline what I have been writing, so I was able to salvage a lot.

I am still on track to meet my original deadline.

Until then, I will let Maggie scream at me.

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