The Druids

by Stephen Paden

The trees whispered in my ear
things that I would not repeat;
deeds that were done
by ancient men and their ancient ways.

Old rituals performed;
the ignorance of mankind.
The sacrifices unwanted
by gods who weren’t there.

He did not ignore
the ancient men and their ancient ways,
nor did He forget
the evil done in their name.

But He left alone
the ignorant men
to wallow in malady,
while patience in man lasted another day.

5 thoughts on “The Druids

  1. hi . I’m an Urban Druid “mad” ecosophy Global Peace Now unbless at kingdom community Canimar Qenos .. not that I care on Republican internet if you allow this .*. but send it uncopy send to: executive , please . You speak please is good . Peace and Pots .

    1. [(Urban)] * I went n put my feet iñ the pool , a kid in 3rd grade showed up .£. a negro kunda balëctric caster sat at the other pool ladder .. the Wicca 3 ‘got me to’ hand her uh phone from her bagš .. ‘I’ went to talk to a druid philosopher across the sidewalk … and a .crm family walked by .

      I will finish my undergrad in Magic Ñ Occult with a sense of £ harm reduction of cannabis for mental health in a ‘sense’ of responsible use of tobacco recovery , Kansas P Decrim 2 blog exec * on Facebook with unendemic disclaimer of natural network nPax :o) MAC~csh

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