The Mother

by Stephen Paden

water drifting through the land
fingers cold, unshaking hand
droplets sifting through the sand
as the burning sunset rolls

embers softly from the fire
rising higher, higher, higher
breaking from the tethered briar
as the sunset slowly folds

into the night, the endless whispers
from the demons who had kissed her
leaving black, unholy blisters
on her lips as darkness rolls

through the country in her slumber
like a wraith’s eternal hunger
loosing fiery breath from under
Rosalina wildly roams

in her realm, there is no other
moving gracefully, the mother
of the damned and undiscovered
stirring crypts within the knolls

“Hear me, children, breed despair!
breathe your deathly, winter air.
harken now, and thus prepare
to drink the river from the shoals.”

upon the mother’s shrieking cry
the children rose under the sky
soon the river, dead and dry
above the clouds began to roll

moving quickly, crashing thunder
Rosalina’s children plundered
rocks and roots, all torn asunder
breathing fire from the core

from the heavens, came the river
from the high, eternal giver
Rosalina’s children withered
back into their earthly holes

“It is done,” the thunder spoke.
The fires that rage, reduced to smoke
From the embers of the oaks
The voice had echoed through the rolls

Rosalina only smiled
Like a long-tormented child
Pounding heart, now something wild
Her shining eyes, absent a soul

“You have been lost, but are now found,
your beating heart the only sound
within the maelstrom round and round
in my head rolled and rolled.”

“I am the darkness, born to suffer,
loving, cold eternal mother
while the sky can hold no other
my vacant heart can hold the world.”

2 thoughts on “The Mother

  1. This reminds me of ” The Eve of St Agnes” – and it’s awfully good. I got worried about rhyme half way through and wondered whether it was rhyme which was driving the story – but no – it all works very well.
    ” Breaking from the tethered briar” works particularly well.

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