Abby’s Journal – 4/29/2016


Not much happened today. Like I said before, some days will be lame and boring, but at least it doesn’t take too long to get that down in the journal.

I spent the day working on some training and reports. I also spent the day looking at wigs and clothing online. I think I’ve decided to hold off on buying those things until I get into my sessions. I haven’t changed my mind, because there isn’t anything to change.

I saw a video today where a guy was calling for violence against transgenders. I don’t understand why. Transgenders have been using the bathroom of their choice for years, and there hasn’t been a problem. Why is it now a problem?

Enough about that. I don’t feel like writing much today.

Meh, maybe I will buy an outfit tomorrow. 🙂

— Abby

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