Abby’s Journal – 4/30/2016

I lazed around the house today, watched some movies. I also sold my twin bed, which means I can put my office back up. I could just wait until my daughter leaves in a month and use her bedroom for an office. I might, there is better lighting. She and I have had a rough go of it since she came out, but I will miss her when she leaves.

Tomorrow (today) we are going to pick out some clothes and makeup. We don’t have too many stores here in Pierre, SD, so I will be shopping at Wal Mart. Or is it Walmart? Or Wal-Mart? It’s a name I see every day, but don’t pay attention to. It is Walmart, I just looked it up. I’m going to leave this in here for fear that my posts are incredibly boring and that this might be the most exciting aspect of my day.

One thing I have noticed, along with the many changes I am going through, is that I don’t really enjoy video games anymore. I used to be casual/hardcore about them, but lately, I’ve been more into thinking about this whole process. There is no reason why I couldn’t have both in my life, so I don’t think they are mutually exclusive activities. Maybe I just outgrew them. Weird.

I think I’m losing weight. Or have I said this before? I am not eating as much, but I decided to finish this Shakeology stuff I had left and figured that the vitamins would do me good. I also don’t gorge on meals anymore, eating just enough to function. And, of course, I take my medicine every day (diabetic and others).

I have noticed an increase in numbness in my right hand lately. Carpal tunnel is a bitch. My two professions, writing and programming, while meeting my financial and emotional needs, are killing my hands. I could write novels on paper; it has been done like that for years. In fact, I think Jim Harrison still does it.

Every day, one of my friends finds time to message me on Facebook and talk about how I am doing and how I feel. I really appreciate that. Today, one suggested that I keep posting my blog on Facebook so others could be enlightened. I put up a post saying I would do so, and a few others liked that idea. I guess it isn’t spammy at one a day.

Going to sign off for now. Slept half the day and now I’m awake. Think I’ll watch Deadpool.

— Abby

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