Abby’s Journal – 5/1/2016

Today was restless. I officially posted my coming out on Facebook and it was met with much support. Even my former students, all Muslim, were supportive and understanding. Right-wing idiots don’t have any idea what they are talking about when it comes to the Muslim faith. There are sects of Muslims who would see me dead, sure, but there are sects of Christians that feel the same. It all comes down to the person and how they were raised.

I can’t sleep longer than three hours a night. I wake up between 12 and 3 AM. I was joined by my daughter this morning. I explained to her that this time of night is known as the Hour of the Wolf, the time of the day where all of your fears and concerns scratch at the door, keeping you awake.

I even talked to an ex-gf today who is a Mormon. She obviously didn’t approve, but she just wanted me to be happy and didn’t unfriend me. Another long message came from a woman I used to really like, stating that she supported whatever decision I made, but asked me to use caution. I really appreciated that.

I’ve been talking to my sister recently, and she said the same. It is wonderful to talk to her again. I miss her. I also reached out to my cousin, whom I hurt through a strange series of events that I don’t feel like rehashing, but got no response. I think that bridge is dead. It is a shame; he is someone who would probably have some great advice and support. All actions have consequences.

I am tired of my job. It is mostly boring and doesn’t pay well. My friends who do I what I do make twice as much as I do. Nearly the same experience. Bleh.

Enough for today.

— Abby

2 thoughts on “Abby’s Journal – 5/1/2016

  1. You are a brave, sweet wonderful girl . You are a sensitive honest brilliant writer. I am thrilled to follow your work. You would make a beautiful friend.

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