My Journal – 5/12/2016

Not a lot to report here. I am looking for apartments in Indianapolis and seeing some amazingly cute places. The question is: do I live downtown where the action is, or do I live a bit cheaper on the northwest side or around the hipster Fountain Square area? Decisions.

I am really looking forward to getting back home around my kids and friends. I miss them all very much. I also look forward to the business that Indy has to offer. The city is full of distractions and people and I think I miss that most of all. In an isolated South Dakota town like this, there is nothing else to do but drink and reflect. Boring.

Mostly, I cannot wait to start the therapy sessions. I know, I know; I said I would start them here, but I decided to wait until I got there instead of leaving in the middle. It is the right move.

Still focusing hard on the upgrades at work. We’ve gone from Oracle 10g to Oracle 12c, which is a bit different. Mostly, it is the way Report Builder works in 12c that is throwing us for a loop. We have a good team and we will prevail.

I might end up renting my house instead of selling it. It would be nice to have this income during my retirement. It is nice to have assets. We will see.

That is all for now. I still don’t have my wigs and it is killing me. When I get paid, I am going to go all out and start full-time weekends as a woman. Inside, outside, doesn’t matter. It can’t happen soon enough.

All for now.

— Abby

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