The Tomb

by Abby Paden

all this time I knew
but folks had had their fill
the days were long and suffering
the nights were longer still

but all this time I felt
that something wasn’t there
my days spent wandering
if I had even cared

to break from out this tomb
and risk the blinding light
my only weapon in my heart
against the ever-lasting night

my fists bled crimson love
against the surface, stone
the cracks revealed the piercing light
that I had never known

my heart was beating fast
my light began to gleam
silence once my guardian
my soul began to scream

i crawled out from the hole
my skinned burned blissful pain
my voice became the air I breathed
my eyes were blind again

but something there I felt
said “Darling, it’s okay,
your heart was cold and withering,
I’ll show you the way.”

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