2 thoughts on “Satisfaction with life and income: A Secondary Data Analysis Using the BRFSS 2010 Survey

  1. Just curious, I know the purpose of the paper is to show that you can use statistics properly, but do you have a personal opinion on >money = >happiness?

    1. Personally, I would have to say that satisfaction is not happiness, so the answer would be no. For instance, I am currently not satisfied with my life as I am not where I want to be professionally. I am, however, working toward that goal. My happiness comes from being me, and let me tell you, it is a strange feeling to be internally happy and content and healthy and completely rid of the self-medicating bad habits I used to numb the pain.

      Happiness, to me (and I know I used that term interchangeably during the paper), is something that can only come from within. I won’t pretend that I am self-actualized as of this moment (who is, really?), but the pursuit of that goal is always a noble one, even if a bit futile.

      Money can provide satisfaction; being your healthy self can make you happy. By separating the two, a person can always be happy despite their financial status.


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