New Website

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to take my activism to a new level and I am now the proud owner of We discuss all kinds of LGBTQ+ issues there, as well as topics dealing with intersectionality, race, gender, class, work, whatever.

I was going to host the new site with, but they wanted $300 dollars a year to do what I need. I went to and got my site for a year for $13.00. It pays to know how to develop websites and CMSs.

Feel free to stop in and look around. I am also selling my novels there. Girl’s gotta eat.

I’ll still be writing my poetry here, no worries about that.

I’ll just tell you: Maggie is set to release this year. Check out the new book cover.

I will also being doing my best to monitor Donald Trump as he single-handedly dismantles 60 years of social reform so cisgender white men can feels good about their hate and misogyny again.

What a gross human being. I do pray for his health, however. Pence is the fucking anti-christ.

Fuck them both.




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