do it, kill her

do it, kill her

don’t let her live another day

that smile is fake, those eyes as well

the faint perfume mixed with sweat

her tits are fake

her life is hell

so do it, kill her

steal her mind

her thoughts are lies, her breath uneven

her spoken words just stuttered shit

cut her arms

now she’s bleeding

do it, kill her

she’s fading now

it’s not fun anymore

the crowd is gone

bleachers empty

so kill her, do it

smile at me?

no fucking way, whore

you don’t smile, you bleed

because you’re mine now

and you’ve always been




New Website

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to take my activism to a new level and I am now the proud owner of We discuss all kinds of LGBTQ+ issues there, as well as topics dealing with intersectionality, race, gender, class, work, whatever.

I was going to host the new site with, but they wanted $300 dollars a year to do what I need. I went to and got my site for a year for $13.00. It pays to know how to develop websites and CMSs.

Feel free to stop in and look around. I am also selling my novels there. Girl’s gotta eat.

I’ll still be writing my poetry here, no worries about that.

I’ll just tell you: Maggie is set to release this year. Check out the new book cover.

I will also being doing my best to monitor Donald Trump as he single-handedly dismantles 60 years of social reform so cisgender white men can feels good about their hate and misogyny again.

What a gross human being. I do pray for his health, however. Pence is the fucking anti-christ.

Fuck them both.




Rosalind eBook Free Promotion

It’s that time again! Rosalind, the eBook version, will be available for free download 1-17 until 1-21. The eBook version is different from the print version in that there is more content/alternate ending in the print version.

I call the eBook the sad version. The print version is a much happier ending that is more inline with the next book in the series, Maggie.

You can pick up the free copy starting January 17, 2017 at


The print version can be purchased at the same link by clicking on the Paperback option.

For a limited time only, I am selling signed copies. Please email me at for more information on how to get this limited time only deal!




Dead Girl

By Abby Paden

I am spread thin
Across a vast desert
Vein-stretched canyons
Carry a voiceless wind

My bones brittle
Sun-stained and dried
A wind-whistled tune
Fading into eternity

He told me he loved me
The one with the Camaro
From daddy’s money
And mommy’s drinking

One night under the moon
With stars blazing white fire
And the sun’s fire gone
my love taken, not made

I spread my wings
For final flight
Across the canyon
where bones now dream

their slumber restless
a symphony’s rage
my thundering heart
beats the sand

and day after day
my broken bones
further stretched by wind and beast
and I’ll dream until there are no dreams